Massage offers both physiological as well as psychological effects, relaxing both the body and the mind. The goal of massage at RCM is to promote full-body wellness. With that in mind, we focus on Western massage, in particular Swedish Massage, deep tissue, triggerpoint, myofascial release, and (dry) cupping therapy, with the awareness that the body is made up of connective tissue. Everything affects everything.

Portrait Of Man Receiving Massage Treatment From Female Hand

Swedish Massage: Swedish massage can be deeply relaxing as well as therapeutic. It’s a combination of several techniques and an endless number of variations. But in essence, the combination of gliding, smooth strokes, kneading and squeezing, compressing and rolling, creating friction using fast strokes, and patting (percussive movements) tissue helps circulate blood flow, reduce adhesion, and provide fluidity for lymph, each in its own measure.

Deep Tissue Work: Deep Tissue massage concentrates on getting into the deeper layers of muscle tissue and is particularly helpful in dealing with adhesion within muscles. (Think about that knot in your neck or upper shoulder that just won’t go away.) Utilizing deep tissue techniques can relieve muscle soreness and increase range of motion in stiffened joints. In many cases active individuals do well with this type of technique.

Female hands giving massage to soft bare feet

A triggerpoint is typically described as a super irritable spot of fascia (connective tissue) surrounding skeletal muscle. They can be associated with taut bands of fiber, like nodules of pain or “knots.” They also tend to radiate pain/sensitivity to other parts of the body. Hence the “trigger” in triggerpoint.


Myofascial Release is a technique which focuses on relieving muscular tightness and shortness by easing the facial (connective) tissue binding muscle. Fascia is a sheet of connective tissue (primarily made of collagen) under the skin that both stabilizes and attaches and separates muscles and other internal organs. Many times when muscles “feel” tight, the fascia enclosing the muscles is bound in some way.

Cupping Therapy Cupping therapy is the use of negative pressure through suction to loosen soft tissue in order to create space and reduce adhesion in tissue. It’s a terrific addition to regular massage, freeing up stagnation and lymph to increase circulation.  Both glass and/or silicone cups may be used.


60 Minutes:  $65

90 Minutes:  $90

Special~3 60-Minute Sessions: $180

Gift Certificates available upon request

We do take some insurance, but please inquire before scheduling.